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On the occasion of Human Rights Day, a great discussion on LGBT rights took place at the University of Delhi yesterday! Dominique Kuhling, Deputy Head of Mission, stated a.o. that acceptance takes time and expressed optimism for the LGBT community in future. 
After the screening of the film Stories of Our Lives the panelists and the crowd interacted in lively debate. 
Via this way we would once again like to thank our panelists and moderator:

– Anjali Gopalan 

– Aditya Bondopadhyay

– Shreya Gupta

– Bijayalaxmi Nanda
We were pleased to see the passion and dedication with regard to this topic amongst the each of the participants, this truly indicates a bright future for the cause! 



GSG Reading group session: An Experience

by Gourav


GSG की talk का प्रथम चरण लाजवाब था! नए जुड़े हुए सदसय के तौर पर, GSG के सदस्यों का ‘Thinking Sex’ लेख का अध्ययन व उस पर खुली चर्चा करना कुछ अलग सा, कुछ अजीब सा लगा। और मेरे हिसाब से यह ‘अजीब’ इसलिए था क्योंकि आज तक जिस समाज में हम पले-बढ़ें हैं वो हमें ऐसे खुलेपन की इजाज़त नहीं देता। इन मुद्दों पर उसने हमारी सीमाएँ निर्धारित कर दी हैं, हमारी सोच को क़ैद कर दिया है और उन सीमाओं को तोड़ने वाले को, उन परिधियों से बाहर सोचने वालों को दोषारोपित करने के लिए वह उन पर ‘बिगड़ैल’ की संज्ञा थोपता है।

परंतु एक शिक्षित व विकसित समुदाय के लिए यह आवश्यक है कि वह ऐसे रूढ़िवाद को हावी ना होने दे। समाज द्वारा ‘sex’ के चारों तरफ़ जो तिलस्म रचा गया है, हमारी ज़रूरत है उसे तोड़ने की, कि जो चीज़ें, क्रियाएँ हमारे जीवन में महत्वपूर्ण हों उन पर खुली, स्वस्थ चर्चा करना आवश्यक है ताकी किसी प्रकार की भाँतियों का निर्माण ना हो।

अंत में, GSG के सदस्यों का हस तरह की चर्चाएँ आयोजित करवाना क़ाबिले तारीफ़ है व मैं उनके कार्य की सराहना करता हूँ। उनके जज़्बे को सलाम!

FAQ booklets: availability 

The Gender Studies Group FAQ Booklets are available at the following locations in Delhi for purchase at Rs. 50 each:

1. North Delhi

Photocopy shop, Delhi School of Economics,

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2. Central Delhi 

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For bulk orders, postage, feedback or suggestions, please write to us at

About FAQ booklets

This series of booklets brought to you by the Gender Studies Group, Delhi University is the product of years of working with issues of gender in the University. These booklets were planned and realised as we came up against recurring problems of violence, ignorance, hostility and even indifference to questions of gender. Through these booklets, we wish to make an attempt to dispel myths, dissolve ignorance and create a culture in which sexual violence and exploitation have zero tolerance and to encourage a healthy culture regarding sexuality.Our FAQ Booklets center around four broad topics:

1. The Body

2. Sexual Minorities

3. Sexual Harassment

4. Accommodation in and around the University

In each of these booklets, we will explore these topics in the context of the day-to-day lives of students in the University.
Let us look at the content of these booklets briefly:

1. Sexual Harassment

Definition of sexual harassment, Laws around Sexual Harassment, busting the myths around sexual harassment, Policies in Delhi University around sexual harassment, Case studies of Sexual Harassment Cases from Delhi University, Sexual Harassment of LGBT people , Difference between Moral Policing and Consent

2. The Body

Definitions of Sex, Gender and Bodily Rights, Personal Accounts of people discovering about their bodies, Masturbation and Myths , Male and Female Body Sexual Organs, Sexuality and Disability, Anal Sex, Bodily Hygiene, Contraception, Pregnancy, Abortion, Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs)

3. Accommodation of students in and around the University

Different types of Student Accommodations in the University and issues around them, Student’s Rights, Need for Collective Protests, Personal accounts of people living in hostels and PGs, Movements and Protests for safe accommodation and against discriminatory rules for women

4. Sexual Minorities

Sexuality, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA, Cisgender, Gender Reassignment Surgery, Hijras, GenderQueer, Issues of LGBT Students in Delhi University, Myths around homosexuality, Coming Out, Section 377, Sexual Harassment of Sexual Minorities, Helpline Numbers for LGBT people

How St Stephen’s College won’t stop at shaming a sexual harassment victim After intimidating the PhD student for speaking out, the college has now destroyed her research and stripped her off her stipend.

By Kavita Krishnan,, 17-07-2015

On July 16, the sexual harassment complainant Sonam (name changed), a PhD student, went to the chemistry laboratory in St Stephen’s College to check whether the compounds synthesised by her as part of her research were intact. She was accompanied by Devansh, the student who has been facing victimisation by the college as well since, as her complaint states, she was “scared to go on my own.” Her fear stands entirely justified.

Continue reading

Delhi University lacks guidelines, facilities to integrate transgender students. No ‘third gender’ in exam forms till SC clarification, UPSC tells HC

By Shikha Sharma | New Delhi | Published:June 18, 2015 1:16 am, Indian Express

While 65 out of over 2.25 lakh applicants marked themselves as transgenders in their Delhi University online applications forms this year, there are no clear clear guidelines regarding their integration into the system. Continue reading

‘No more homophobia’: Snapshots from a protest at Delhi University against LGBT abuse Students display posters bearing the various terms of abuse hurled at the LGBT community.

By Mayank Jain  · Apr 24, 2015 · 09:23 pm,

Friday was supposed to be the last working day before exams for hundreds of final year students like Rahul and Hasan at Delhi University. But this didn’t stop them from showing up outside the Arts Faculty building in bright attire, carrying posters that had the word “faggot” written on them in cursive letters. Continue reading

A year after Delhi University accepted transgender students, protest aims to highlight LGBT woes Sexual minorities complain that not enough has been done to protect them from discrimination.

By Mayank Jain  · Apr 24, 2015 · 10:30 am,

It took a lot of courage for Tushar (name changed on request) to finally check that seemingly inconsequential box on the short survey form he filled one afternoon a couple of years ago. For the first time, the student of English literature at the University of Delhi mentioned his sexual orientation on paper, seemingly to help his classmates conduct a small research project. But that one simple act came to colour his time on campus so much, he regrets it now. Continue reading

Watch How A Group Of Students Made People ‘Come And See The Blood On Their Skirts’

Apr 12, 2015, Youth ki Awaaz
By Sanskriti Pandey:

“People need to be comfortable with the fact that as they walk down the streets, there are women walking around wearing sanitary napkins and tampons fixed firmly so that not a drop leaks out…”

Echoing the sentiments of every feminist through an audacious campaign that brought to light the reduction of a woman’s sexuality to her ability to bleed every month, Shambhawi Vikram spells out plain and clear – this is for the freedom to bleed red. As sanitary pads appeared around the Jamia Millia Islamia and Delhi University campuses earlier this year, the messages written on them turned quite a few heads. Continue reading

Sexual Harassment: The New Conjuncture

Sexual Harassment: The New Conjuncture

Edited by Dr. Ashley Tellis

Written by Shreya Gupta

The Gender Studies Group, Delhi University organized an interactive session titled “Sexual Harassment: The New Conjuncture” on 9th February, 2014 at Department of Political Science, University of Delhi. This aim of the discussion was to look at the issue of sexual harassment in Delhi University and discuss the change in Delhi University’s Sexual Harassment policy which has involved the scrapping of Ordnance XV D and the following of the new Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. Continue reading