About FAQ booklets


This series of booklets brought to you by the Gender Studies Group, Delhi University is the product of years of working with issues of gender in the University. These booklets were planned and realised as we came up against recurring problems of violence, ignorance, hostility and even indifference to questions of gender. Through these booklets, we wish to make an attempt to dispel myths, dissolve ignorance and create a culture in which sexual violence and exploitation have zero tolerance and to encourage a healthy culture regarding sexuality.Our FAQ Booklets center around four broad topics:

1. The Body

2. Sexual Minorities

3. Sexual Harassment

4. Accommodation in and around the University

In each of these booklets, we will explore these topics in the context of the day-to-day lives of students in the University.
Let us look at the content of these booklets briefly:

1. Sexual Harassment

Definition of sexual harassment, Laws around Sexual Harassment, busting the myths around sexual harassment, Policies in Delhi University around sexual harassment, Case studies of Sexual Harassment Cases from Delhi University, Sexual Harassment of LGBT people , Difference between Moral Policing and Consent

2. The Body

Definitions of Sex, Gender and Bodily Rights, Personal Accounts of people discovering about their bodies, Masturbation and Myths , Male and Female Body Sexual Organs, Sexuality and Disability, Anal Sex, Bodily Hygiene, Contraception, Pregnancy, Abortion, Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs)

3. Accommodation of students in and around the University

Different types of Student Accommodations in the University and issues around them, Student’s Rights, Need for Collective Protests, Personal accounts of people living in hostels and PGs, Movements and Protests for safe accommodation and against discriminatory rules for women

4. Sexual Minorities

Sexuality, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA, Cisgender, Gender Reassignment Surgery, Hijras, GenderQueer, Issues of LGBT Students in Delhi University, Myths around homosexuality, Coming Out, Section 377, Sexual Harassment of Sexual Minorities, Helpline Numbers for LGBT people


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