GSG Reading Group session – 6 October 2014

The next meeting of the GSG Reading Group will take place at 10:00 AM on 6th October,2014 (Monday) instead of 4th October,2014 . We will do a summary of the two essays by Gayle Rubin – ‘Thinking Sex’ and ‘Traffic in Women’ and then go on to read her interview with Judith Butler, which is the third chapter in ‘Feminism meets Queer Theory’ book. The links of the essays are given below and they are also available in the D-School Photocopy shop. Please come having the two essays and the interview and mark the important points you found in them and the things you did not understand. The summary of ‘Thinking Sex’ will be done by Shreya and of ‘Traffic in Women’ by Aapurv.

Thinking Sex:…/uploads/…/08/Rubin1984.pdf
Traffic in Women:…/the-rraff…
Interview between Rubin and Butler:

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